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About the GRIF Club

The GRIF Club is an annual event organized for GRIF users where updates and new features of the GRIF software suite and its modules are presented. Each year, the event is held in Paris, at TotalEnergies headquarters.

The GRIF Club is not just a place for discussing technical features, it's also somewhere to:

Agenda of the GRIF Club 2023

For the first time, a GRIF Club will be dedicated to our foreigners users.
Attend the GRIF Club 2023 to learn about new features of the 2023 GRIF version, to discover industrial projects carried out with the GRIF software suite, and to discuss the essential task and challenges that should be considered the next year to meet your needs. 

28 March 2023. Time zone of Paris (UTC +1). Format: remote via Microsoft Teams.


Time slot Content and speakers
14h00 - 14h20 GRIF 2023: General project presentation

Maïder Estécahandy 
GRIF project manager at TotalEnergies

14h20 - 14h35

GRIF 2023: General Maintenance presentation

Cyrille Folleau
CEO at SATODEV, official GRIF Distributor/Maintainer/Developer on behalf of TotalEnergies since 2010

  • - Improvement of the GRIF launcher (Ergonomics, modification of the language, addition of example files);
  • - New appearance of the modules' GUI;
  • - New installer and version with digital signature (MSI);
  • - Management of licenses by modules;
  • - Improvement of the help integrated in the software;
  • - Java 17 upgrade;
  • - New drop-down menu with search;
  • - Enable editing of objects in glues;
  • - Track changes: Automatically add software version and enable user version to be added;
  • - Improvement of batch computations;
  • - Update of GRIF module icons to TotalEnergies standards;
  • - Better data deletion with management of dependent data (<undef>);
  • - Entering formulas in the definition of parameters;
  • - Prefer the main area of objects to the text area when making selections;
  • - AES encryption instead of DES;
  • - Improvement of the display of the results of the calculation manager;
  • - CTRL Z cancellation possible in text editors;
  • - Update of GRIF module icons to TotalEnergies standards.
14h35 - 15h20

Simulation Package 2023: Development & good practices


  • - Enable feedback of simulation errors during HPC calculations;
  • - Batch computation.


  • - Increase in the size of tables;
  • - Improved performance of interactive simulation.


  • - Added attributes for variables;
  • - Removal of the + or - epsilon calculation option for stat 7 and 9;
  • - Help with entering and documenting Moca functions;
  • - Display of the name of the place accessible when creating shifts, assignments, variables;
  • - Allowing formula entry when creating a variable (all simulation modules);
  • - Adding the notion of scenario/test-case for validating hypotheses in the models.


  • - Improvement of the block configuration window (size and scrollbar);
  • - Improved filter on tables;
  • - Generic resource block;
  • - Improvement of the "Copy/Paste" of blocks (conservation of contributions);
  • - Correction of the display of contributors;
  • - Display of detailed contribution data in interactive simulation;
  • - Integration of generic connector;
  • - EXCEL import for detailed maintenance;
  • - Selection of production results by flow / output;
  • - Addition of start conditions on specific blocks;
  • - Possibility to hide the "start-up phase" tab";
  • - Simulation columns for the equipment table;
  • - Automatic firing of transitions with a true attribute;
  • - Display of all components in the contribution results;
  • - Optimisation of model generation;
  • - Addition of drop-down menus with search in conditions;
  • - Possibility to launch the simulation on the calculation document;
  • - Replacement of PA1 PA2 by PA A and PA B according to ISO20816.


  • - Multiple block image modification;
  • - Enable HPC calculations from Flex;
  • - Ability to export the number of forward/backward branches of a connector.
15h20 - 15h30 Break
15h30 - 16h45

Boolean Package 2023: Development & good practices


  • - Improving the performance of BDD computing through topological indexing.


  • - Export of the logical tree;
  • - Resize doors and events with the mouse.


  • - Creation of a simplified SIL mode (configuration window and update of input interfaces);
  • - Definition of a "category" level for instruments;
  • - Creation of an INS-600 component base;
  • - Definition of the Beta according to IEC 61508 for detected faults and logic-solver;
  • - Integrate the Beta plugin choices in the PDF/EXCEL report;
  • - Enable HFT calculations by specifying the HFT of a component;
  • - Ability to refurbish (replace) components before the end of the operating period;
  • - Better integration of SRS in SIL;
  • - Better consideration of TSP in SIF compliance criteria.


  • - New dynamic fields to list objects;
  • - Adding a title block to pages;
  • - Adding to CCFs from data tables;
  • - Addition of template in the logical tree part;
  • - Mouse resizing of Risk events;
  • - BowtieXP and RISK module compatibility;
  • - Distinction of the effectiveness of preventive and curative maintenance for periodic Weibull;
  • - Markov law for equipment composed of N repairable components;
  • - Improved performance of UFI calculations for non-coherent trees.
16h45 - 17h00 Discussion Session: GRIF RoadMap for 2024
17h00 - 17h05 Closing of the GRIF Club


Recap of the last GRIF Club event

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