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21/01/2022 News

GRIF Club 2022

The 13th annual GRIF CLUB for users of GRIF software and its modules was held on January 18, 2022. Thank you to all the participants for their attendance.

Topics of the day : 

  • GRIF: global use and key figures for 2021. Nicolas CLAVE, TotalEnergies.
  • GRIF: 2021 developments. Cyrille FOLLEAU, Satodev.
    • New data type "Actions".
    • Multi-column "Find/Replace" with Filter for all data tables.
    • Information on selected rows.
    • Improved GUI for files linked to data.
    • Possibility to anchor images in the page.
    • "Copy/Paste/Renumber" applies "search/replace" in comments and groups.
    • Compare documents by node name, not just node ID.
    • Sort names in results to be displayed for a curve.
    • Etc.
  • Boolean Package: 2021 developments. Cyrille FOLLEAU, Satodev.  
    • On-screen display of the details of the observed elements in the calculation launch window .  
    • Use of SIL components as Boolean reference (Bool). 
    • Possibility to wire matrices on the observed results.  
    • Integration of empirical uncertainties.  
    • Possibility to store only the useful quantiles.  
    • Limit the writing of quantiles to variables with uncertainties. 
    • Use of "-" without space for numerical values in the parameters of laws.  
    • Etc.
  • SIL module: 2021 developments. Cyrille FOLLEAU, Satodev. 
    • Possibility to use the Calibrated Risk Graph of Bool in SIL.
    • Calculation of frequency only in the necessary cases.
    • Multiprocessor calculation. 
    • Notion of default properties. 
    • Printing of report on a subset of loops and without complete recalculation. 
    • On-screen display of error/warning messages related to the calculated loop(s). 
    • On-screen display of a label "No calculated results" for non-calculated systems.
    • Etc.
  • Risk module: 2021  developments. Cyrille FOLLEAU, Satodev. 
    • Addition of the tables "Enabling events" and "Conditional modifiers" to the printing of the Risk reports. 
    • New automatic naming of "enabling events" and "conditional modifiers" independently of the barriers. 
    • Change of titles: "Wavg Final Event", "Current Risk" and "Revised Risk with new barriers". 
    • Addition of the properties "Source" and "Remark" on the events and the barriers. 
    • Possibility of configuring the Result column in the Barriers edition tables. 
    • New Risk Report. 
    • Choice of matrices to print. 
    • Etc.
  • Petro, Reseda and Bfiab modules: 2021 developments. Cyrille FOLLEAU, Satodev. 
  • Practical cases. Céline VINUESA, I AU CUBE.

If you would like to take part in the 2023 GRIF Club, please contact us.