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The GRIF Simulation package provides comprehensive predictive analytics to map events with total accuracy even in the most complex industrial environments.

The different modules can be used to study the statistical results from thousands of scenarios in the form of convergence graphs, Petri nets or stochastic block diagrams.

Modules of the Simulation package of the GRIF software suite : Petri, Petro, BStoK, Flex

The Simulation package in the GRIF software suite offers four complementary modules to support your reliability analyses for production and safety systems

  • Petri: modeling based on "Stochastic Petri nets with Predicates".
  • BStok: creating stochastic block diagrams using a Petri net library.
  • Petro: modeling multi-flow systems , mainly used for oil and gas operations.
  • Flex: building multi-flow diagrams with the option to create your own Petri net prototypes.

All the modules feature MOCA-RP (for MOnte-CArlo), a TotalEnergies-owned, high-speed calculation engine, which as its name suggests, uses Monte Carlo simulation, and is pushing the boundaries of modeling.

Benefits of the Simulation package


Performance analysis
of complex systems with dependencies


High performance 
computation engine MOCA-RP


Compatible with
the HPC plug-in

Simulation package modules

Modeling across all industries

Sectors of activity: aeronautics, aerospace, energies, defense, telecoms, transportation, health, universities and research

GRIF is designed for any field of activity

Whether for an oil platform, aircraft, train or water supply system, GRIF evaluates the reliability and availability of any system using a range of computational techniques. The GRIF software suite offers a wide variety of calculation methods so that users can select the most appropriate (analytical, simulation, etc.), according to the system being modeled.

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