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Assess the reliability and availability of your safety systems with our calculation engines based on Boolean logic.

The Boolean package featured in the GRIF software suite allows to build and compute static models (non-time-dependent and with no dependency between basic events) to analyze safety systems and perform risk analyses.

Modules of the Boolean package of the GRIF software suite: Tree, BFiab, Reseda, ETree, SIL, Risk, Bool

The Boolean package comprises seven modules:

  • BFiab: modeling via Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD), 
  • Tree: building fault trees,
  • ETree: elaborating event trees, 
  • SIL: analyzing safety instrumented loops,  
  • Risk: conducting risk analyses via the bowtie or LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis) method,
  • Reseda: modeling reliability networks,  
  • Bool: combining all the features of Tree, ETree, SIL, Risk, Reseda and BFiab in a single module. 

The package and all of its modules use ALBIZIA, a calculation engine developed by TotalEnergies, to perform precise analytical calculations and produce a wide range of valuable data on the system being modeled in just a few seconds

Benefits of the Boolean package


and ergonomic


Efficient and accurate
  calculations (ALBIZIA)


Adaptable and
complementary modules


Boolean package modules

Compatible with all industrial activities

Sectors of activity: aeronautics, aerospace, energies, defense, telecoms, transportation, health, universities and research

GRIF is designed for any field of activity

Whether for an oil platform, aircraft, train or water supply system, GRIF evaluates the reliability and availability of any system using a range of computational techniques. The GRIF software suite offers a wide variety of calculation methods so that users can select the most appropriate (analytical, simulation, etc.), according to the system being modeled.

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