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Download GRIF trial version

Please complete the form below to download the GRIF trial version.

The trial version features all the available GRIF software suite modules and functions. The free trial version is available with the following restrictions:  

  • Limited trial period. The trial version is available until the last day of the next month (30 days from end of month),
  • Folders/reports cannot be exported or documents sent by email,
  • Calculations cannot be opened, saved or launched for models that do not meet the criteria for the trial version.

Trial version criteria : Bfiab module - 8 blocs max, Tree module - 6 events max, SIL module - 2 sensors / 2 actuators max, ETree module - 6 scenarios max, Reseda module - 8 nodes max, Risk module - 5 events / 5 barriers max , Bool module - same as for Tree, Sil and Risk modules, Markov - 6 states max, Petri - 10 places / 10 transitions max, BStoK - 10 blocs max, Petro - 10 blocs max, Petro - 10 blocs max, Flex - 10 blocs max.

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