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Over 40 years of R&D at the service of your RAMS project

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    Companies all over the world use GRIF for their RAMS studies
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    Universities around the world use GRIF software suite
  • GRIF (GRaphical Interface for reliability Forecasting) is a software suite of excellence that determines the fundamental indicators RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety).

    The result of more than 40 years of Research and Development within TotalEnergies, GRIF features mature, high-performance calculation engines with modeling capabilities that will meet the requirements of all reliability studies, whatever your field of activity. Due to its long history, GRIF has clients on all five continents who use it on a daily basis to assess the reliability of safety systems and the availability of production systems.

Mathematical methods implemented in the GRIF software suite, a RAMS analysis tool: Reliability Block Diagrams (BFiab module), Fault Trees (Tree module), Safety Integrity Levels (SIL mofule), Event Trees (ETree module), Reliability Networks (Reseda module), Bow-Ties and LOPA (Risk module), Boolean modules (Bool module), Markov Graphs (Markov module), Stochastic Petri Nets (Petri module), Stochastic Block Diagrams (BStoK module), Multi-Flow Block Diagrams (Petro module), MBSA based on Petri Nets (Flex module).

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