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28/01/2022 News

User feedback on GRIF software 2021

As part of the GRIF Club 2022, we asked our users to share their feedback on our software suite in the form of a survey submitted by email before the event.
Thank you very much for your positive feedback. These answers help us to improve GRIF and its modules throughout the year to better meet their needs in terms of assistance in carrying out reliability studies. 

Software quality Support quality
4.24/5  4.32/5

"Intuitive software."

"Good software with periodic improvements/new features."

"Very good software platform for teaching safety models: reliability diagrams, fault trees, Markov, stochastic Petri nets. Also very good for the initiation to SIS evaluation, with the SIL module. Students really appreciate the use of GRIF."

"Effective and relevant support."

"Very responsive support."

"Very responsive support and always well developed answers."

"Very responsive!"