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20/02/2023 News

Training courses for RAM and safety engineers

Whether you have just started your professional career as a reliability engineer, safety engineer or instrument & automation engineer, or you have many years of experience, you might be interested in expanding your knowledge and skills to improve your Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety analysis.

In 2022, TotalEnergies and the GRIF team opened new training courses for RAM and safety engineers to meet the growing demand from within and outside the company and to ensure the high quality of the courses provided by skilled trainers certified by TotalEnergies. Examples of training courses are shown in the table below, to receive a detailed program of training courses, please contact us via the contact form


For beginners and
for advanced GRIF users


On-site, On-line and 
Customised programs


English, French
and Spanish languages


The 2-month free full version
of the GRIF software suite

The training courses on the GRIF software suite, being conformant with the format of ISO/TR 12489:2013, cover a range of mathematical methods in line with international standards that help to realize reliability and availability studies, risk and safety analysis: Boolean models, Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD, see IEC 61078:2016), Fault Trees (FTA; see IEC 61025:2006), Safety Integrity Levels (SIL, see IEC 61508), Event Trees, Reliability Networks, Bowties and LOPA  (Layer Of Protection Analysis), Markov Graphs (see IEC 61165:2006), Stochastic Petri Nets (see IEC 62551:2012), Stochastic Block Diagrams, Multi-Flow Block diagrams, MBSA.

training_courses_2023-3_1_0.pngBy choosing the training courses on the GRIF software suite, a technology of TotalEnergies, you choose to:

  • Master the theory while being aware of how to put it into practice in a pragmatic way thanks to a good balance of theoretical and practical parts.
  • Discover the basic functionality, configurations, and advanced features of the GRIF software suite to carry out simple and complex RAMS analysis.
  • Gather TIPS and good practices to optimize, read and interpret your GRIF models.
  • Organize your working time efficiently with the adjustable length of the training programs (from 1 to 5 days),
  • And, last but not least, to continue practicing obtained skills with the free full version of the professional engineering software suite GRIF for two months after the end of the course (available only to course participants).
Examples of the training courses:

icone_grif_40x40_bfiab_2.pngTraining course
on the BFiab module

(Reliability Block Diagrams)

icone_grif_40x40_tree_2.pngTraining courseon
on the Tree module

(Fault trees)

icone_grif_40x40_sil_2.pngTraining course
on the SIL module

(Safety Integrity levels)

icone_grif_40x40_etree_2.pngTraining course
on the ETree module

(Event Trees)

icone_grif_40x40_reseda_2.pngTraining course
on the Reseda module

(Reliability networks)

icone_grif_40x40_risk_2.pngTraining course
on the Risk module

(Bow-Ties and LOPA)

icone_grif_40x40_bool_2.pngTraining course
on the Bool module

(All Boolean modules)

icone_grif_40x40_markov_2.pngTraining course
on the Markov module

(Markov Graphs)

icone_grif_40x40_petri_2.pngTraining course
on the Petri module 

(Stochastic Petri Nets)

icone_grif_40x40_bstok.pngTraining course 
on the BStoK module

(Stochastic Block Diagrams)

icone_grif_40x40_petro_2.pngTraining course 
on the Petro module 

(Multi-Flow Block diagrams)

icone_grif_40x40_flex_2.pngTraining course 
on the Flex module 


Training course
on the Boolean theory

Customised training
(adapted to your specific needs)



If you would like to receive the training course program or request a quote, please contact us through the contact form.

grif_te_logov_rgb_2.pngAbout GRIF
GRIF (GRaphical Interface for reliability Forecasting) is a software suite of excellence that determines the fundamental indicators of reliability and dependability (Reliability - Availability - Performance - Safety). The software suite is composed of 12 modules combined in 3 packages that offer GRIF users various modelling techniques to solve the system under study (block diagrams, fault trees, Markov graphs, Petri nets, bowties...). The different modules allow to evaluate the reliability of safety systems (HIPS, SIL loop, …), the availability of production systems and to perform risk analysis for any fields of activity. The result of more than 40 years of Research and Development within TotalEnergies, GRIF features mature, high-performance calculation engines with modeling capabilities that will meet the requirements of all your reliability studies.