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25/01/2022 News

Frequently asked questions, GRIF Club 2022

Module/Topic Question Answer:
Launcher  For contractor companies I presume the launcher will only make available applications they have paid for or will all modules now be available?​ Only the packages they have paid can be opened.
Fault Tree 2022​ Will it be possible to link an entire safety loop to one basic event in a fault tree such that the entire safety loop can be represented in a fault tree using only one basic event. Yes, you can select the name of the loop (for example SIF1) as referent component.
Fault Tree 2022​ For the matrix can we get a standard Company 6x6 matrix as an option rather than having to configure a custom matrix?  You can create your own matrix and, if you want, save it as template or modify the existing matrix.
SIL 2022 The new version (e.g. SIL) is compatible with all old calculations? Yes, GRIF remains compatible with all older versions.
SIL 2022 Is it possible to mass-edit revision and date, when you have multiple safety loops in the SIL module? It is possible to fill in all information one time and after save it as template, and re use it for the others loops.​
SIL 2022 However, when updating for next revision, is there then a method for updating the rev. and date for all? Not, it is necessary to change the revision in all the loop.​
RISK 2022 Could you show again how to create the GRIF risk report?​ The report will be accessible via the menu file - generate a report.
RISK 2022 Can we get the graphical display to report the resuls in /yr rather than /hr? Yes, go to menu Tools - Document options – Computations / Results and then restart computation.

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