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02/05/2024 News

A five-star day!

The GRIF Club meeting on 14 March 2024 was a resounding success, bringing together 57 participants from all over the world and from a wide range of industrial sectors (aeronautics, aerospace, defense, nuclear, energy, etc.): 26 face-to-face participants at the TotalEnergies Coupole Tower and 31 remote participants. The hybrid format was greatly appreciated, enabling the audience to be broadened. The organization was rated 4.73 and the presentations 4.87 (out of 5). Participants gave positive feedback on the choice and quality of the speakers, the relevance and diversity of the topics, the activities and workshops during the breaks, and the interactive sessions. They "really liked" the question wheel for perfecting their knowledge of the software suite, the stand for testing GRIF's new functions, and the kahoot-type game. The fun aspect of the event helped to gauge participants' expectations and to further strengthen the growing community of GRIF users: academics, engineers, reliability specialists, etc.


GRIF strengthens its positioning

Where does GRIF stand? The day was also an opportunity to take stock and to focus on the highlights of 2023. "GRIF's activity has increased by 60% compared with 2022, particularly in terms of R&D, development and communication", said Maïder Estecahandy, GRIF project manager at TotalEnergies. The year was marked by several new collaborations. Within TotalEnergies, with the OneHSE and Wind R&D branches. And with other industries - GRTGaz, ORANO and SATODEV - with whom GRIF has made progress on improving the performance of the Boolean package in response to the expectations of the nuclear industry. "This work is a response to our desire to switch completely to GRIF, which is flexible and offers results that are comparable to those of tools recognised by the nuclear authorities", explained Fabien Moulie, RAMS engineer at Orano. In 2023, GRIF also worked in partnership with the Institut pour la Maîtrise des Risques (IMdR) as part of the FIDES group.


New needs, new developments

From improving calculation performance and enhancing the user experience to convergence with market tools, GRIF is constantly evolving to meet the needs of industry. Among the presentations, the one dedicated to the use of GRIF in wind energy – "GRIF Wind: estimating the production availability of an offshore wind farm" - was of particular interest to participants. Guillaume Clément, System Integration/Design & OM Engineer, and Baptiste Bougoüin, Reliability Engineer, TotalEnergies, spoke about the GRIF FLEX module, which has been used to develop a functional model for assessing the performance of offshore wind farms. "In almost 18 months, from the moment we asked ourselves the question to the moment we applied our developments in an industrial context, we succeeded in bringing out a new solution in GRIF. This demonstrates the agility of this tool, which has been evolving for 40 years and is able to keep pace with rapid industrial change, such as the shift taken by TotalEnergies to address offshore wind energy. It's a fine demonstration of the relevance of our traditional skills in addressing new energies".

Another look at GRIF with a presentation by SAFETEC, an international consultancy specializing in security and availability studies, which has carried out a benchmark of the tools on the market (GRIF Tree vs Arbre Analyst and GRIF Petro vs MAROS). Its conclusion? "GRIF Tree is a very solid tool, with user-friendliness functionality with better score than Arbre Analyst, and the same for Petro, which is solid and competitive on the market regards to MAROS", analyses Stefan Isaksen, Senior Adviser at Safetec. The final word? See you in 2025, even more of you!


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